Easter returns to reflect the diversity of the municipalities in the Western Sierra

In addition to the typical religious activities among the 18 localities that make up the Tourist Consortium of the Western Sierra, there are some that remain as curious rites Robledo de Chavela, Villamanta or Villamantilla, while others opt for the pilgrimages, and Villa del Prado, of Cadalso glass and Saint Martin de Valdeiglesias and performed some live performances of the Via Crucis, as Chapinería.

If the field is manifested festive always lively variety of the peoples of the region is at Easter when this feature becomes most evident. Based on these dates have a deep sense of religion there are several municipalities that are unchecked activities certainly curious, high symbolic value as the release of birds by children to Resurrection Sunday Villamanta with an own version with swallows in neighboring Villamantilla, where besides the day before the fifth is in charge of cutting and placing the "May" in the square, and the collection of these birds for the main event of the day later.

In Robledo de Chavela celebrations surrounding the death of Christ have a special significance especially in two cases: the procession of the Virgen de los Dolores, and Judas the festival Sunday. In the procession, in which all people are young people and women who are in charge of the songs each of the nine times that sound the bells, the same times in which the stones are collected and entourage then onto the roof for good luck, as an ingredient of superstition profane within a major religious ceremony for the believers. But where the next festival grows in importance is the feast of Judas, when fifths make a doll that represents the character that has been most popular during the year and tied to a tall pine tree that sits in the square. Maintains a network of clubs in the top pitchers with candy and confetti that spilled on the audience after being beaten. Some of the flying pigeons leave jars broken in memory of a tradition which, fortunately, has already ceased to have effect on other animals that are falling shut the vacuum containers to break the clay by beating. Rounds of songs gallant young brides and their mothers to go until the next noon when, after the meeting with the Risen Christ and the Virgin, is the food of sheep and goats.

Also on Sunday of the Resurrection Fresnedillas Oliva has its own celebrations, specifying the meeting between the risen Christ, followed the procession of the Virgin and men leading to women, which takes away the grief, the escenficando joy at the return to your child's life.

Meanwhile, Easter Monday will celebrate the pilgrimage of Charity in Villa del Prado, the Virgin of Saint Martin in the New de Valdeiglesias and the glass in the Cadalso Peña Munan. In the first, the picnic has blessed the rolls in the hermitage of La Poveda, while the second takes place in the chapel of the pines and the last in that spot. In Saint Martin de Valdeiglesias and Cadalso Vidrios is typical of the tasting hornazo a bun with cooked eggs.

The wide range of possibilities for the celebration of Easter has another expression in the representation of the Via Crucis on Good Friday morning in Chapinería, with the extension of the procession of silence in which women wear the traditional head covering, the sounds of the drum and bugle band. The participants of the processions elsewhere, Colmenar del Arroyo, also must wear the typical dress of women of Holy Week.

Places like Zarzalejo have been ahead of the celebrations to put the Sunday day of his famous tortilla, leaving a field in places such as mills Santos Ventura or Los Castaños, near Entrecabezas, which switches the enjoyment Gourmet and sensations of a pleasant natural environment of privilege.

Cinderellas in waiting until after the Resurrection Sunday to enjoy the pilgrimage's Day Nava in the setting of the hole which includes lunch and on the final snap of the homemade rice pudding.

Finally, a majority of the people living west Sierra these days along the lines of religious celebrations, which revived the most painful moments of Christ's life, along with the joys of the Resurrection with masses and processions in which believers turn all their devotion. Examples include Villanueva de Perales and Robledondo nucleus of Santa Maria de la Alameda.


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