The Tourist Consortium welcomes the early days of Sierra West cuisine: typical Easter Recipes

From the Tourist Consortium has promoted the restoration of the Shire the celebration of the Days of Gourmet Recipes Típicas Easter to be held on 18 and April 19.

For the celebration of these days will involve: Rabbits Restaurant Village of Fresno; Restaurant House of Cadalso Carabias of Vidrios; Hospedería Corner Traspalacio Robledo de Chavela; Restaurant Santa Maria Santa Maria de la Alameda ;: Restaurant \u0026amp; Restaurant Magu Dill of Saint Martin de Valdeiglesias and Restaurant Amador de Fresnedillas of Oliva.

It will offer a full menu with traditional dishes of the season, including food in the region and with any of the wines of our land. With this conference aims to disseminate the rich cuisine of the Western Sierra.

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