Profile Contracting


The profile includes the contractor's data and information concerning the contracting activity contracting authority, such as prior information notices referred to in Article 125, or open the bids in progress and information programs, contracts, procedures canceled, and any other useful information of a general nature, such as contact points and the media that can be used to relate to the authority. The diffusion through the profile of the contractor information on the award of contracts shall have the meaning provided in Title I of Book III of the Act on public sector contracts.

Details of the Contracting Authority:

Consorcio Turístico de la Sierra Oeste de Madrid
Calderón de la Barca, 19

Navalespino (Santa Maria de la Alameda)

28296 - Madrid

Phone: 91 899 91 92 Fax: 91 899 91 35







Open Tenders

Tenders closed

Provisional Award


Awards final


Procedures suspended




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  • Madrid, la suma de todos

Plan de dinamización turística de la Sierra Oeste de Madrid

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