Early rounds of the bars Sierra West: Recipes typical Easter. | Bytes

Days Gourmet Recipe Typical Easter would be held on April 19 and 18. These days will be offered a full menu, including food in the region and with any of the wines of our land. With this conference aims to disseminate the rich cuisine of the Western Sierra.

Almenara-21 Supplement March 2009 | Bytes

In this month you will discover the charms of the town of Villamantilla know the rural housing "The Quemao Oak, located in Santa Maria de la Alameda and other news.

Almenara Supplement 21-February 2009 | Bytes

The February edition provides information on participation in the Fair Fitur on 28, 29, 30, January 31 and February 1, 2009, including an interview with the president of the Tourist Consortium, M ª Begoña García Martín.

It contains, as in previous editions, a list of businesses in the Western Sierra.

Almenara Supplement 21-January 2009 | Bytes

The year 2009 began with a new supplement in the newspaper Consorcio Turístico the Almenara 21. In it you will see an interview with the owner of the Corner Traspalacio accommodation located in Robledo de Chavela, a tour of Villanueva de Perales, one of the villages that are part of the Tourist Consortium, and some of the most representative of the news this month, as the meeting with entrepreneurs in the sector or participation in Fitur.

Almenara Supplement 21-December 2008 | Bytes

You can find more information Zarzalejo one of the municipalities that are part of the Tourist Consortium, the company Yucalcari adventure or for more information on the assistance of the Consortium Natura Resort to the fair

Almenara Supplement 21-November 2008 | Bytes

In the November 2008 supplement can see the interview with the President of the Tourist Consortium, D ª M ª Begoña García Martín, which, inter alia, outlines some of the performances that will take place to enhance the Tourist Consortium tourism in the area, as well as the current situation of tourism in the Sierra and forecast the future.

Some of the news you will discover in this book are: the image of this Consortium, the entrance of the Tourist Consortium of the cluster in tourism, attendance at the tourism fair, Natura ...

Product Promotion Plan Turístico de la Sierra Oeste de Madrid | Bytes

In this booklet you will find out what the Tourism Promotion Plan, its objectives and actions.

  • Gobierno de España
  • Madrid, la suma de todos

Plan de dinamización turística de la Sierra Oeste de Madrid

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