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escudo navas del rey

As we shall see, it took time Navas del Rey to become the new town it is today, which houses the reservoir Picadas and has been adapted to the economic momentum of the times, abandoning the cultivation of land and the care of livestock in favor of service sector activities, industry and construction. One of the 18 localities of the Tourist Consortium Sierra West is now a resounding present the best prospects.


Area: 50.8 km2

Population: 2459 inhabitants

A 51 km from the capital

Gentile: Home

A little history

Also in this area are certainly among the relevant historical evidence of their origin and some evidence regarding its existence, although it is known that the term was now a reality populated in the twelfth century through the ruins of an ancient fortress flag of Arabic origin used by Henry IV, it was not until the fourteenth century, in the Book of Montería of Alfonso XI, when the place is mentioned as a place to hunt. Historians suggest that the term could arise as a result of reforestation or protection of any manor. But it was raining a lot since that in 1306 its territory was donated by Manuel Sancho the Cistercian monastery of Saint Martin de Valdeiglesias through the purchase of the convent at the end of Saint Martin de Valdeiglesias to be the property of Isabel the Catholic. At that time, precisely to 1460, concludes the construction of the bridge over the river San Juan Alberche, which will change the face of the town from all perspectives, apart from reaffirming its economic and social links with the main channel of the western Sierra .

The designation by the monks in 1555 in a house where he collected tithe for the church concluded that while the core at that time had too many neighbors do not have enough to hacendísticos. It's small population is one of the reasons that Navas del Rey have to wait until 1770 to formally request to be Archbishop of Toledo parish cemetery itself and have a demand that is served four years later despite the opposition of Valdeiglesias convent that affected their coffers with the independence of ecclesiastical Navas del Rey. In 1819, the reign of Fernando VII, he was awarded the title of Villa. It is in this century when intensifies in this town and other nearby vineyards and the cultivation of other products, which together constitute the farming economic activities that generate the most revenue to its neighbors until the century change and turn things round there is a shift in local time for the services and construction.

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