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Escudo de Villamanta

Until present times Villamanta has passed through many vicissitudes of history, through which has emerged over its present appearance as a modern and progressive city, the most easterly of which form the Tourist Consortium of the Western Sierra. Their dedication and livestock farming has increased over the centuries to become a town in the predominantly services, industry and construction.


Area: 63 Km2

Population: 2337 inhabitants

Gentile: Saperas

A 39 km from Madrid

A little history

The tablets, coins, pottery, inscriptions and other remains found in the town speak of the Roman Villamanta hypothesis supported by the passage of the Cañada Real Segovia for the locality.

The possibility that Carpetanorum Mantua, a city referred to from time of Ptolemy, was in this setting has shifted to more ingredients of legend than reality in the absence of convincing evidence that, on the other hand, are more inclined to focus Talamanca del Jarama placed in or on the same Madrid. The Arabs also left their mark on what is now the municipality, in the form of galleries found on its soil.

Already in the fourteenth century the town belonged to Sexmo of Casarrubios, although the historical sources that named Villamanta dated in the sixteenth century, the relations of Philip II. It was 1629 when Philip IV granted the rank of Villa, becoming part of the Lordship of the Count of Miranda, 15 years later to enjoy a privilege of the Vehetría, whereby all people were equal before the law would be ratified after a century in the reign of Philip V.

The railway, which operated in the twentieth century, helped to initiate the change in traditional agricultural and livestock dedication of the people of Villamanta, which has materialized in the first decade of the twenty-first century with the rise of second homes and the services sector .

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